Tuesday, July 25, 2017

sunny Leone Adoption Drama

Sunny Leone Adopted a girl child.. Hell broke loose.. was looking for the pic of the baby Nisha.. found lot of trash written about her.. Damn Annoying.. Adoption is too difficult in India.. and a girl child anyone who has walked that path might know..
Let's see if we can answer some..

PS: I'm annoyed to the core.. moral policing.. sabhya bharatheeya naari morcha.. sexist.. can stop it here.. don't read further.. u can hate me starting now.. it's only a woman talking from here..

*what will she think wen she see ur solo or with other men videos when she grow up? -  she will know how her mom worked in the past

*How did govt of India allowed this? - there r laws for this.. they were met.. u can Google and read to know how

*Will she be a porn star like u? - she is a baby u pervert.. and if it was a he baby would u be asking this question?

*Please don't make her a porn star like u? - why don't u drop by.. let me discuss her future with u over a coffee.

*Y adopt? Y can't u give birth? - y can't I adopt? Y give birth?

*Are you worried ur figure will b damaged if u give birth? - that's the maximum of ur thinking abilities.. thank u for wasting it on me

*Do u hv a problem or ur husband is impotent ? -  since u seem to b cleaver, why don't u decided for us.

*She has fucked so many she might hv AIDS, U r disgust to Mother India. - sorry who's mother again? And what's full form of AIDS? Well if u r searching internet u might as well read what's AIDS all about

*U should hv tried surrogacy. - for what?

Master of all..

*Being a woman, I am telling u.. Ur own child is different from an adopted one.. u could have corrected all your mistakes in past by giving birth to a child. - congratulations in advance in case u plan to "correct" this mistake soon

It's not about sunny or her blown out of proportion adoption.. it's just Adoption still an issue.. many women/men still battle infertility as equivalent to cancer.. prayers treatments social stigma.. bloody hell the plants r turning infertile and species going extinct.. we.. homo sapiens r the most populated mammals on the planet.. still we r stressed about not able to bring a new one..

The economics fails me here.. supply in abundance.. demand in abundance.. still scarcity.. 

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